Things to do in Quebec this summer

Things to do in Quebec this summer

Swimming and relaxing

 If you just feel like relaxing in the sun, we have the perfect location for you. Your own lakeside property! The deck is an ideal place to sit and sunbathe, read, or have meals. Your chalet Repauzé has a large garden that gently slopes down to the water’s edge and is ideal for relaxing or playing games. The clear freshwater lake is ideal for swimming in. No need to travel, just walk to your private quays and jump in. Canoe and Kayaking
Whether it’s a leisurely paddle to the local restaurant or a tour of the lake, canoeing and kayaking are great fun for all the family. We have equipped the house with two kayaks for your use, and you can rent others locally with no problem.

Water skiing and wakeboarding

One of the great things about Lac Pauzé is that is large enough to allow people to enjoy sports whilst still remaining peaceful. If you know how to water ski or wakeboard and can operate a powerboat, then why not hire a boat and the equipment, get it delivered to your cottage for your stay and then use it whenever you please. We have an arrangement with a local company who will provide everything you need. Alternatively, if you would like to learn to water ski or wakeboard, there is a school on the lake that would be more than willing to teach you.


Seedoos are the water bourn equivalent of the snowmobile, basically a motorbike on water. Great fun and a great way to see the lake. You can hire seedoos and the necessary safety equipment on the lake. Better still, we have an arrangement with a local company who can deliver your seedoo(s) to the chalet, then you are free to use them whenever you like!


It is possible to fish in Lac Pauzé, from your own quay! The lake has a good stock of freshwater fish including rainbow trout. If you would like to experience the ultimate in fishing expeditions, take a light aircraft flight from your own quayside to one of the thousands of uninhabited lakes up north.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a great experience for all the family. A centre just 20 minutes drive from the Chalet Repauzé has miles of prepared trails and can hire your quad bikes and all the necessary safety gear.

Walking and Hiking

For many, Canada is THE place to go to experience nature up close and there is no better way than walking or hiking in the many forests around your holiday cottage. If you fancy a local stroll, then it is lovely just walking around the lake. Alternatively, there are miles of prepared trails at a park just 20 minutes away by car.


There is plenty of cycling on offer in the local area. If you would just like to enjoy the local scenery, it is possible to hire bikes locally and cycle around the lake. For something a little more strenuous, there are many mountain trails locally and a cycleway which allows you to get right into the centre of Quebec City.

Light Aircraft and sea plane / float plane flying

If you are a pilot or have ever wanted to try flying a light aircraft, we have got the ultimate treat for you. The lake on which your holiday home is located is a licensed aerodrome for sea / float planes! There is a small flying school on the lake who will be more than welcome to take you for a flight or, if you already have a pilot’s license, teach you to fly a float plane. For the ultimate experience, why not take their float-equipped Beaver out for a flight. Those people who do not like the idea of aircraft flying around all the time need to have no fear. For a start, there are very few aircraft movements on the lake, only a few a day normally. Secondly, the aircraft use the other side of the large lake, behind the islands in front of your holiday home. You will probably not even notice them.


If golf is your thing then this is the place for you. There is an excellent 18 hole golf course in Rawdon within 20 minutes drive of your holiday home.

Maple Syrup and Sugar Shack

Maple syrup is a tradition of Canada remembered in the use of the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. The deliciously sweet syrup is made from the sap of the Maple tree. The sap is refined and then used in all sorts of different foods ranging from the straight syrup to confectionery and even beer. Sugar shacks are restaurants, usually attached to a maple syrup farm, where you can see the syrup being made and sample goods made from the syrup or even take a whole meal based on it.  Sucrerie du domaine it just 5 minutes away by car.


Your holiday home is an ideal base for hunting. Hunting is permitted in season from the local area or, for a special experience, why not fly from Lac Sept Iles to one of the thousands of uninhabited lakes up north to hunt in the beautiful Canadian countryside.

Quebec City

Quebec City is the oldest, and many would say, the most beautiful city in North America, and it’s only 10 minutes away by car! Today the old walled city has all the features you would expect of a modern cosmopolitan city, but set in a picturesque almost European setting. Overlooking the mighty St Lawrence River, the city stands on a clifftop affording fabulous views. If you fancy a special treat, why not have tea or a meal in the famous Chateau Frontenac Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Canada.

Montreal City

Montreal is an exciting and vibrant metropolitan city only two hours’ drive from your holiday home.   caza!Amgf8fDUBTjUgQv1O4jsc9Jm0OjK!Amgf8fDUBTjUgQv1O4jsc9Jm0OjK